6X Paper Lantern Ideas


1. Festive Lantern Makeover

If you’re looking for an original party decoration idea, or would just like a cheerful-looking lantern in your room, this might be a good option for you.

2. Paper Flower Lantern

This classy DIY lantern is appropriate for any kind of purpose, whether you want to spice up your living room or bedroom, or would like to decorate your dining room for a birthday party or high-tea with your friends.

3. Ruffled Lanterns with crepe paper

This option looks just as interesting as the others, but seems extra appropriate for party purposes, as the crepe paper is very reminiscent of a colorful Piñata.

4. Map Paper Pendant

If you are a true traveller at heart, this map paper pendant DIY may spike your interest. If you have any old maps lying around, why not pimp a plain, off-white lantern into something original like this?

5. The Cupcake-Liner Lantern

Have you got cupcake-liners left over and are you looking for a creative idea for a children’s bedroom, this Cupcake-liner lantern tutorial will guide you through it.

6. Book Page Pendant

If you happen to be a dedicated bookworm and you’d like your room to reflect your personality, this could be fitting project for you (although cutting bookpages up into circles may prove to be a bit of a painful experience).

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