8x Creative CD Packaging Design

Quirky CD design for Jazz musiscian Chris Tarry by Jeff Harrison, packaged in the form of an illustrated novel, titled “Rest of the Story”.

Simplistic, but smart CD Packaging design by Joshua Distler, depicting complete songs in the shape of accurate waveforms, transforming audio feed into a visual form.


CD Packaging design by Fanakalo for South-African band Zinkplaat, who’s album is titled “Mooi Besoedeling”, which requires you to scratch off an ink-layer from the CD Cover with an included guitar pick to reveal the underlying design.

Folded CD (Vinyl)  Packaging design by Emanuel Cook, titled “Skullz”, with accordion-like features.

Salami-inspired CD packaging design by Mother Eleganza for Lithuanian musiscian Shidlas’ CD, titled “Salami Postmodern”, in case you want to trick your friends into thinking you put meat products in your stereo player.

Donut-licious CD Packaging by MODO for the Simpsons The Movie soundtrack album, which comes with a realistically frosted and sprinkled, shiny donut cd-case.

Low budget, but dazzling golden bubble-wrap CD packaging design by Alex Goose & Branden M. Collins for (Brittany) BOSCO’s album, titled “Spectrum”. How could anyone resist (popping those bubbles)?


Interesting CD packaging design with an unconventionally shaped, but effective CD case by sente for the “Sound of Shadows” album by Portuguese artisst Henrique Portovedo.


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